Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Turkish Cuisine

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيــم

Iskender Kebab, famous from Bursa, a must when visiting Bursa

I am back, but not with a recipe this time, but with some photos of things I've enjoyed eating
 in my visit to Turkey...I wrote briefly about Turkey in my English blog. The food has been a wonderful whole experience in itself.



pomegranate juice
In the Gulf region, we've been introduced to some dishes from Turkey, so it is not totally exotic to me. However, some dishes were not the real version at all. For example, shawarma is so popular in the gulf region and it is not even called shawarma anymore in Turkey, although it is a Turkish/Greek word meaning turning. Turkish diet is rich in vegetables fresh and cooked, dried fruits (figs, grapes, apricot etc), marmalade, honey, bread, diary products specilly yogurt and Ayran , and meet consumed as doner kebab, Sucuk (sausage) or kofte.

Sweets in Turkey are similar to sweets of the other Mediterranean Arabic countries (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine), such as baklava and kunefe.

Spices and herbs
Turkish tea is a must after any meal in Turkey, and there is the heavy dark sweet Turkish coffee that is served with sweets beside a glass of water.