Friday, 18 March 2011

Food in Nepal

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم...

I should write something on the two countries I visited, Makkah (Saudi Arabia) on February to perform the Umra for two nights and Kathmandu (Nepal) following my husband for a 30 hours work trip, arriving back to Bahrain yesterday :D, I would post pictures on these two in my English blog. Here though..I can mention something on food...:). I am careful about what I eat outside, as I have been so unlucky suffering from food poisoning many many times, from different food I had from restaurants I thought were clean and careful about what they serve. 

In Saudi Arabia, we had food at the hotel we stayed in. Loads of salads, breads, and of course rice. 

In Kathmandu on the other hand, I was shocked at how unclean the city was. I couldn't have anything outside the hotel. We had a wonderful dinner at the hotel, but for me it was too spicy to handle. So I asked the chief for the recipe, which he kindly shared with me, and I will attempt making the dishes. Of course with less chilly.

a crispy spicy bread (can't remember its name) dipped in achar (a spicy hot pickle) which were in different varieties

lamb cooked with herbs, wonderful
spicy dark lentil (dal), I loved it

A beautiful tradition that we in Oman have as well, a bowl of water that you are given to wash your hands in before and after food. The beautiful thing here it has a piece of lime, which leave your hands smelling fresh :)

We had a yogurt-based drink known as lassi, you can have it sweet or salty. I loved it. 

street food in Kathmandu

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  1. The variety of foods you got there really look tasty. Spicy foods are appetizing and I bet that crispy spicy bread dipped in achar is too! Nepal would be a good place to visit if you're into spicy foods and stuff. :)